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Your internet source for replacement parts on Haas CNC equipment!

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Why Our Customers Love Us

Our website is designed for ease of use, a great selection of products, and competitive prices. But our strength lies in our business ethics by making the right decisions for our customers all the time; therefore, we:

  • Pay the shipping if the mistake is ours.
  • Shipping will still be covered if the factory makes mistakes.
  • If the parts are not immediately available, we'll provide you options to help you.
  • While troubleshooting with your machine, if the part we send you does not fix the issue, there will not be a restocking fee most of the time.

We run our business just like yours... working hard to exceed our customer's expectations!


A Few Testimonials

"I am a small shop and downtime really hurts me. Thanks again for your help and getting the part out to me quickly."

- Chris C., CA


"I would like to thank you for solving our problems with our mill. It was very relaxing to see you work on the machine (nobody could have moved more efficiently). You also anticipated any parts required and had them with you."

- Bob G., ON, Canada


"Thanks for the quick credit!!! Most of my other vendors drag it on for months and months and it gets annoying. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ALL!"

- Steve F., PA


Universal Roller Switch

High Intensity Haas CNC Worklamps